Tuesday, 31 July 2012

End of Month View - July

The whole garden has changed so much this month.  I am particularly pleased with this bit - the Sweet Peas are six feet tall and smell heavenly; the Honeysuckle, Sunflowers and Nasturtiums have climbed over the trellis and the Lupins have flowered for ages.  Just four months ago it looked like this:

This is the border I empited and replanted.  No casualties so far.  The haybaskets on the wall belong to my sister.  She was storing them at our mother's house so I borrowed them.  One outside the kitchen is filled with mint, coriander and chives.  It smells lovely and is easy to reach through the window.  The other is filled with strawberries - there's plenty of fruit but it keeps getting chewed by little flies.

Here are a few pots I recued from the tip.  Every time I take my garden waste up there someone has thrown away some decent pots and the guys up there put them to one side.  I got the strawberry pot on the first photo from there.  Andy tells me NOT to come home with more rubbish then I've taken but I love a bargain!  I brought a huge sack of Crocosia bulbs home with me a few weeks ago!

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  1. Interesting to see the first two pictures - quite a contrast. The wet weather has certainly helped the flower borders which are much more lush than they would normally be.

  2. It really is amazing how much growth the plants have put on from photo two to photo one. Thank you for sharing your garden this month, it looks so pretty