Monday, 23 July 2012

All in a Day's Work.

Here is Isis laughing at my achievement.  Now is she laughing because she approves?  Or does she think it looks funny??
Here's what it looked like first thing this morning:

A few broken finger nails and swear words later:

By mid afternoon it looked like this:

And here's the other side:

Before and ....


It isn't the best make over in the world ... but then it didn't cost me anything!  I just used stuff from around the garden.  The old bricks will look better once they have weathered.

My mysterious red blob has morphed again!

It is getting better and better!  There are very dark almost black ones as well as this lovely burgundy.  It is about five feet tall so I have had to tie it up.  I thought it was Rudbeckia Occidentalis but now I have no idea again!  Any suggestions?  I will definitely be collecting the seeds.  I think it is the best bloom in the garden!

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