Thursday, 6 April 2017

Spring Garden

 I was quite pleased with the back of the garden three weeks ago .....

..... but it looks much better now.

 The warm days have really brought the place to life.  It is not just the plants either: the birds are chasing each other about, butterflies have appeared and I have spotted hedgehog poo (but not the actual hedgehog yet!).

I have just started reading a book called 'Daffodil: a Biography of a Flower' by Helen O'Neil.  I am enjoying it so far not just for the informative content but because of the beautiful illustrations.  Apparently there are over 30,000 different cultivars of daffodils so I started to count the ones in my garden ... only forty two .... and that's just the ones I recognised as being different.  Some of the differences are quite small but very significant to collectors who pay small fortunes for a single bulb.
Here are a few favourites from my garden:

Belton House in Lincolnshire has better collection ....