Friday, 4 April 2014

Frontal Attack

Andy went off to photograph a few rare birds so I dug up the front lawn. 


I didn't need to plan what I wanted ... I just wanted flowers.  That meant no lawn but I would need a way in to maintain it: that meant a path.  The garden isn't very big but there are three points of entry so the path had to be a sort of 'y' shape that curved round to the pond at the gate ... easy!


There will be sweetpeas covering the obelisks in the coming weeks; the large lupins have come from the allotment and I bought a tree peony to go in the centre.  The plants are obviously small at the moment but there are lilies; delphiniums; foxgloves; penstemons; aquilegias and a fuschia in there and a handful of poppy seeds.
I attempted to make a more rustic obelisk with willow sticks cut from the allotment.  I followed instructions from You Tube.  I pushed six long sticks into the ground then tied them at the top.  I used another couple of sticks to weave in and out whilst crossing them over between the base of each pole and tying in the ends. It took nearly an hour and looked a right mess!  We had a good laugh then I pulled it down before the neighbours saw it!

I'm not sure about the grass.  I made it wide enough for the lawn mower but I think I would prefer some pale stones.  Anyway it will have to wait until after the wedding ... only two weeks to go (how fast do finger nails grow!!).