Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Welcome ...

Woodlouse House dates back to 1865 and was originally the end two cottages of a terrace of farm workers’ houses. Somebody knocked a few holes in the walls and converted it into one five bed-roomed house before we bought it but it still has two water systems and two electric systems. It is a hotchpotch of different brick work as extra sections have been added or converted (the old pig pen is our utility room!) and, according to a building inspector, the roof is held up by a telegraph pole. The ceilings are different heights and you have to mind the steps as you change rooms. Our house may be old but it's a unique individual that is still standing after all these years and I hope will continue to do so for a while longer!

Woodlouse House stands with its back to a small market town. It faces an unadopted lane and open fields. A quiet, peaceful space. I spent last summer clearing the garden we had been busy neglecting for the last 18 years and discovered the obsession of gardening. I now own a greenhouse heater and a compost bin; I have purchased 900 plant pots and filled most of them! I have gardening books and seed catalogues and have to be watched carefully on days out just in case I steal bits of plants! I love my garden and I hope you will enjoy sharing it with me.