Sunday, 28 April 2013

Spring Clean

Andy wandered into the garden this week and declared it needed shrubs, it needed height, it needed something bigger than a lupin.  I recognise an invitation to go shopping when I hear one so I duly obliged.

First on the list was Sambucus Black Lace - I love the idea of the black leaves/pink flowers.  Another one on the dream list was a Magnolia - I have bought four of these in the past but they all died.  Luckily for me I went to a local wholesale nursery which has opened to the public: the Sambucus was waiting for me and the nursery man was an expert in Magnolias!

I picked Philadelphus Belle Etoile to place near the kitchen window for the gorgeous smell and Hypericum Moserianum because it reminded me of my mother's garden.

I also picked up Amelanchier lamarckii (because it was as big as a tree but the same price as its smaller siblings); Weigela Bristol Ruby (because of the pretty blossoms in the picture) and Chaenomeles Jet Trail (because I have three of these in different colours so I know I can grow them!).  Andy thought we had finished until I spotted the variegated leaves on the Pieris Flaming Silver so I couldn't leave it behind! 

It is amazing how quickly things change at this time of year.  I took this photo three days ago:

This morning the foliage seemed bushier, the tulips have opened and the Japonica is covered in frilly yellow buttons. 

You might have noticed a few plant pots have gone in the second shot - spring cleaning!

The herb patch needed weeding.

The back of the garden was definitely in need of some TLC.

The plastic thing had to go. That made room for the veg patch:

We now have peas and beans, potatoes, onions, carrots and garlic along side the raspberries, strawberries and gooseberries.

I still have the allotment at the moment but I'm not sure I need it now I'm organised here!