Friday, 20 July 2012

Seeing Red

This was a sunny evening at the end of June.  The border was full of flowers and buzzing with bees.  I was content.  Then I visited Barnsdale! 

Suddenly the busy border looked untidy and chaotic.  The flowers were passed their best anyway so I chopped them back and dug them up.

I kept the Lupin and the Red Hot Poker but the Foxgloves, Aquilegia and Verbena filled the wheelbarrow.  I will find nice new homes for them.  You can see Fuscia, Dianthus, Heuchera, Lobelia and Busy Lizzie.  I also planted Penstemon, Sweet William and Hollyhocks.  I feel happier now I have some order!

Remember my Red Blob?  Well it turned into this almost black velvety thing.  I decided I quite like it.  It's in the wrong place but it could be quite dramatic next to a large yellow something......
I searched the internet and found it is a Rudbeckia Occidentalis 'Green Wizard'.

Really looking forward to tomorrow!  Apparently Summer is returning!

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  1. I know what you mean about enjoying order in the garden. This rain is making everything huge and green, and I'm getting that slightly annoyed feeling when it's time to visit the hairdressers. Time for a trim.