Thursday, 2 August 2012

Crime Scene!

There were two dead bodies on the grass this morning.  Actually it was one dead body and a pile of feathers!
Something had pulled one of the frogs out of the water and left mangled remains for the flies.  Nice!
The pile of feathers belonged to a Great Tit.  It was near a nest box which had been in a tree some feet away.  Quite a strong predator had attacked the box and killed the bird, plucked it and disposed of the remains. Could be a squirrel but we'll never know!
We are attending the Bird Fair at Rutland in a couple of weeks so I will investigate/purchase a camera for the garden.  Lots of things visit us in the night and I want to see them!

A lovely daytime visitor was this beautiful Bullfinch.  It has started popping in but doesn't stay long.

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  1. It's horrible when you find something violent has happened in your garden isn't it? To you the garden is a place of peace but that is not necessarily the case for the animals who live there. Nature - makes you shiver.