Wednesday, 15 August 2012

GBBD August 2012

Crocosmia is displaying well this month.  I had one main clump two years ago but it was full of grass so I dug it up, weeded it and divided it.  This year I have five healthy clumps and two neighbours have bulging pots. 
A friend gave me a clump of Lucifer but it hasn't fully flowered yet ... I'm looking forward to seeing the dark red shade.

Another dominant feature of my garden at the moment is the sunflowers.  We erected a trellis and I planted lots of gaillardia and sunflowers to grow up it.  We had a sack full of sunflower seeds to feed the birds so I went mad!  At the allotment I threw handfuls down and now they are six feet tall and bursting with seeds for next winter.

A second trellis is covered in sweetpeas and I scattered a free packet of Morning Glory underneath.

The Golden Rod is taller than me and is constantly covered in bees or butterflies.  I'm a bit worried it will turn into an invasive plant though .... it is rather too healthy after only a year in the garden!!

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