Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I decided the pond would look better with a path going round it.   I had quite a few Aquilegia there, a Redhot Poker and a couple of Irises.  They are all in pots waiting for new homes.  The ground slopes upwards towards the old plum tree.  I envisaged the path going round the tree then back down next to the Laurel bush towards the lawn.  The Laurel had been cut back in preparation but two more shrubs stood in the way.  That's when I bottled out.  I left the shrubs and used an old railway sleeper and some bricks to make a bench - the new path is short and only goes up one side of the pond but there you can enjoy a sit down!

Further down the garden was another path that needed a bit of attention.  On the left hand side there is a tall climbing rose that I have to cut back every year as it grows through and over a Forsythia tree.  When we moved into the house nineteen years ago the previous owner had left some bits of wood behind.  Two pieces were just wider than the path and some other bits were cut with a sloping edge.  I re-arranged a few more plants, dug some holes for four fence posts while Andy constructed the top and before long we had a rose arch/pergoda. 

My favourite plant this week is the Pineapple Lily.  They grow from bulbs and enjoy full sun.  I was warned to take them in over winter but I didn't and they have survived the last four years so they must be in a sheltered spot.  Apparently you can propagate them by collecting the seeds (but it will take 2 - 5 years to grow the bulb to flowering size); by removing offsets from the bulbs after flowering OR from leaf cuttings.  I have never tried to take leaf cuttings before so I have a little job for tomorrow!
...... and finally .... we bought a night vision camera from the Bird Fair and discovered we have a friendly hedgehog visiting the garden every night.  It obviously enjoys sharing the cat's evening meal.  My Hedgehog House might get a tenant this year with any luck.


  1. Lovely post...and what a cute Hedgehog!

    1. Much appreciated and thanks for joining. I started blogging this winter when I couldn't get in the garden: now I'm getting LOADS of enjoyment from it. It's great to see what other gardeners are doing and amazing to make contact with people on the other side of the world so easily!