Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I'm dreaming of a warm Christmas ...

I'm SO excited! 
I'm getting a greenhouse for Christmas!
(Well, after Christmas actually!)
Of course it won't look anything like this one ... we haven't won the lottery yet!  No, mine will be small but beautiful.  Between the back door and the garden is a sunny path big enough to accomodate a lean to. It's a neglected part of the garden as we very rarely use that particular door.  I have tried to make more use of the area but a small table and chairs there weren't very comfortable and cold frames placed there tended to be left unwatered! A greenhouse will be the perfect solution.

A simple aluminium frame with plastic glazing will set me back about £300 and will be quite easy to maintain. On the other hand a wooden frame with glass will look better, cost more and will need treating over time.  Not much to think about here: it will be attached to the house and visible from the back window so it has to be aesthetically pleasing.  The wood wins hands down.  A few years ago I opted for wooden window frames over plastic coated ones and curse the decision every time I have to revarnish them but I don't regret it the rest of the year!

Books recommend positioning the greenhouse so the roof ridge runs east to west.  This enables one long side to catch the sun all day.  Well, luckily, that is the direction of my path.

Its proximity to the house means it will be easy to get water and electricity fitted eventually.  It will also mean I can put the cold frame back in that area and it might have a fighting chance of not being neglected in future.


Have you noticed Jupiter tonight?  It is incredibly large and bright.  If you look through a telescope or binoculars you can see the stripes and 4 of its 50 moons.

Jupiter is 318 times bigger than Earth - so big it can cause tidal effects throughout the solar system apparently.
We are very close to it at the moment so it is only about 628,743,036 million km away!  As both planets travel in elliptical orbits we will be getting further away again in a few days.

Here's ten interesting facts about Jupier.


  1. How fantastic. Look forward to hearing more about it.

  2. Hello again, Pat. I've just walked outside to see if I can see Jupiter here but I didn't manage. What a brilliant image you have here. Thanks for the thumbs up on Jupiter and enjoy your new greenhouse when you get it - you could watch the night sky nice and warm in there too ;-)

  3. I'm fairly new to blogging - I only set up my own a few weeks ago. I'm enjoying your blog. I can imagine how you're looking forward to your new greenhouse (I'm currently reorganising the inside of mine after a terrible year for pests). I love the picture of Jupiter - sorry I missed it for real.


  4. Oh Pat you will love your greenhouse and wonder how you ever managed without it.

  5. It is such fun to have a greenhouse, certainly when you catch the sun in there all day. Also lovely to sit or work in your greenhouse on sunny winterdays I suppose.