Friday, 30 November 2012

End of the Month View - November 2012

The heating is on full blast and the coal fire is lit each evening ... I don't mind the cold outside as long as I have a warm house!

I should have planted more bulbs; I should have collected more of the fallen leaves; I should have turned the compost but I didn't.  Does it matter?  Will anyone complain?  No!

The garden is looking frosty and bedraggled but the bird feeders are full so the visitors are quite happy.

Ice white Cyclamen and Frozen Ivy ........

 .............  Cold Roses .........

................and a  Cool cat.

 According to Sarah Raven my Hydrangea flowers should have been picked in October, dried, painted and hung off the mantlepiece.  The roses should be part of a pot pourri by now and my Christmas cake should be swimming in brandy.  Well, tick the last one!

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  1. What do you paint the hydrangeas with? I thought you just dried them but they are terrible dust collectors so you are better off not having done them - honest.
    I spent last month with a list of things to do, now I have shrugged my shoulders and torn up the list. Start again in the spring - quite liberating really
    Thanks for joining in again this month

  2. That's the problem with time - it does march on.

  3. Great squirrel pic. When I was taking a walk the other day I could hear one making that funny coughing noise and flicking his tail at me, trying to warn me off - almost saying - this is my tree don't you dare climb it - as if!

  4. Time goes on and our to do list is always too long. But sometimes in winter we have to stop especially with hard frost and that's the time to stay inside and read a lot of books in front of the fire. Lovely pictures of the grey squirrel and frosted roses.

  5. I think your attitude to the To Do list is very admirable and I applaud it :-)
    I think the fact that the garden has closed down for the winter should encourage us to do the same.
    I see your squirrel has the same single minded focus in its gaze as my squirrel visitors. I wish I had a quarter of the concentration it employs in attacking my bird feeders.

  6. Great pictures. love the stone bird bath. Gardenings on hold for the past 2 weeks, everything is still too wet.

  7. I never get it all done but it is all good by spring.

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