Thursday, 22 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Day

It just seems like a practice run for Christmas Day to me.  The turkey population gets depleted; families get together and the shops are shut.  Lovely.  But then they do it all again four weeks later! 

It was the first President, George Washington, who organised the first national Thanksgiving in 1789.  Before that it had been celebrated but on different days in different places.

Well, with only four weeks to go towns and cities are switching on the lights and opening up the Christmas markets.
Soon we will have gardens filled with reindeers, fat snowmen and glowing santas and the electricity companies will be rubbing their hands with glee!
Aldi are selling a selection of outdoor lights for £10 this week: I bought some two years ago and they are still in working order.  I have checked them for damage to be on the safe side, we plug them in inside the house  and we have a power surge protector in place as a safeguard.
If you are buying new lights then check they are definitely made for use outdoors.   Measure the area first.  Trees and bushes need about 50 lights per foot of height, then you need enough cable to reach the plug.  Think about how you are going to hang them.  Will a line of lights be best or a mesh?  Do you want one colour or lights that change or flash? It's no good just going to the shop and trying to decide once you get there ... like I did!  Go on line and see what's available and plan what you want then you won't come back empty handed ... like I did!

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