Thursday, 15 November 2012

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - November 2012

This Fuschia is still enjoying its glory days.  It has been flowering since July.  This one is Doctor Foster: Dollar Princess has the same colours but it is a double bloom: Swingtime (red and white) and Shrimp Cocktail (red and pink) are all still blooming.  I moved and divided a very old one this spring - it is now thriving in three different positions.  The ones in pots will have to go into the greenhouse soon.

Sticking with the colour scheme these Cyclamen are doing well - every year I have them in pots then transplant them to a border in Spring - they never reappear.  I don't know what I do wrong.

Carrying on the pink theme:

 My roses are nowhere near as good as Christina's at Organic Garden Dreams.  My mother used to grow beautiful roses when she was younger - I remember dying of shame as she ran into the street with a bucket to collect the horse manure when the local riding school trotted by and left a present!

Now moving onto some of the yellows:

I have Primroses in bloom and Blackeyed Susan; red, yellow and orange Chrysanthemums; a Toad Lily; a couple of Gaillardia and the Ivy. So with all this going on why does it look such a mess??!

This is the 'Before' shot - it took me two hours and all my body heat to pick up those leaves by which time it was too dark to take another picture! 
Instead I will leave you with the same scene in its Glory Days!
July 2012:

... and April 2012!

Glory days well they'll pass you by
Glory days, in the wink of a young girl's eye,
Glory days, glory days ....

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  1. love your pinks,so beautiful. I had to laugh at your mum's antics, must admit Id be inclined to do the same!

    1. Hi and thank you for joining. It will be nice to visit your garden blog over the next few months .... armchair gardening during winter!

  2. Hi, my first visit here! I think your garden is very organized based from the 2 last photos with the layout. I can't imagine how long to gather all those leaves, but they are beautiful just like that! I am in fact dreaming of walking barefoot on top of fallen autumn leaves!

  3. Your garden looks beautiful, also with the leaves. I have to admit that I sometimes collect horsemanure off the street too for my roses, like your mother. My mother, already 90 years old, is ashamed of me. She does not even like when I'm working outside the fench to weed or tying up my roses.

  4. It's great to see photos of the same place in different times. You have beautiful garden, and so many flowers in bloom !

  5. Always great to see longer shots of the garden, Pat and especially through time ones. I keep meaning to look out old photos to show the complete landscape changes in my borders over the years. What fun :-)

    Wishing you a belated Happy GBBD, meant to join in again this time - no roses in bloom here though. My fav bloom here has to be the cyclamen - I really must get some in my garden or at least indoors ;-)