Monday, 1 October 2012

September 2012

Spurred on by Elaine at A Woman of the Soil I went out to tidy up the greenhouse yesterday.  I need to get all the geraniums and fuschias lifted, I still have some cuttings to take and some seeds to sow.  LOADS to do .... so why does it look exactly the same today as it did yesterday? How did I get side tracked so easily?  Why does this always happen whenever I am gardening?? 
The sun was shining so collecting the sweetpea pods and planting a few cyclamen seemed like a much better idea!

The roses are looking good and smelling delightful!

The leaves are not so good!

I will be prunning most of them right back this year after listening to Ann Bird of the Rose Society at the Garden Club.  I have cut them back in the past but not nearly enough according to her. She REALLY prunes!

Here are my Autumn favourites for this week:
The Sedum takes over the kitchen border. I remembered to put the plant supports in this year so there isn't a bald patch in the middle! So easy to grow: cuttings are blooming all down the lane and in neighbours' gardens.

Berries and seeds are adding colour now.  The honeysuckles round the door and over the rose arch have done particularly well this year.  The Quince numbers are down on last year when we had a bumper crop.  The skin smells lovely and I have a recipe for jam but they are difficult to prepare.

 Wild birds soon find the Pyracantha berries. 
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  1. You still have some lovely colour in the garden - if it wasn't for the annuals in my garden it would be looking very drab. I have gradually come to like Sedums after thinking for a long time that they were a bit like flowering cauliflowers - I have now relented and bought one and nicked a cutting from someone else - they do look lovely at this time of year. Like you I always get sidetracked - I set out to do one thing and end up doing a dozen others. But I expect all the jobs will get done eventually - I have bulbs on my mind at the moment.

  2. I enjoyed your EOMV Pat. I think that getting sidetracked in the garden must be something that we all experience - so easy to see something that needs doing out of the corner of your eye and then you are off and running :) I'm sure that you will get all those tasks done eventually. I like the shade of those little chrysanths.

  3. Being sidetracked is an occupational hazard when you are a gardener! Glad I am not the only one to suffer from it.