Wednesday, 31 October 2012

End of Month - October 2012

Sedum, Cyclamen and Fuschia are the main features of the garden now but there are still some Sunflowers, Dahlias and Marigolds adding to the colour.  The Hydrangea was covered in yellow, dying leaves yesterday ... today it is bare branched. It's like someone pressed a button and the leaves dropped off.

 I have taken some hardwood cuttings and planted a few spring bulbs but I'm more inclined to be indoors now the weather is turning.  I'm enjoying snuggling up in a warm armchair with a good book ( 'Bring Up The Bodies' by Hilary Mantel if you're interested ... thoroughly entertaining!) and a cup of tea! I know I should be digging the allotment over .....

A Sparrowhawk visited us today.  I glanced out of the kitchen window and there it was in the middle of the lawn eyeing up the bird feeders.  It stayed until Andy was just seconds away from seeing it before it flew off!

Twelve pheasants troop across the field each morning now.  Such beautiful colours.  This one looks like he has a stiff evening collar on.

... and here's a Collared Dove.
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  2. You have still a lot of colour in your garden. Yesterday I have been digging up the dahlias, before it is too cold, my armchair in front of the fire is very attractive now I have to persuade myself to finish outside things first. And the pheasant...... such a beautiful sight.

  3. The Pheasants look beautiful - lovely patterns and colours.You still have a lot of colour in your garden and I especially like the dark red Sedums.

  4. That pheasant is so colorful...beautiful! Although I enjoy fall with all of the colors, I do hate that moment when the last leaf falls on a plant. It seems sad, but I suppose they are simply hunkering down for a nap.

  5. I have almost stopped gardening now there is not a lot you can do at this time of year is there. Your garden is still looking pretty good, mine is fairly bedraggled now only 15 weeks till spring!