Sunday, 7 October 2012

International Tulip Guerrilla Gardening Day

7th October 2012

Today Guerrilla Gardeners all over the world will be out planting thousands of tulip bulbs. 
Simply find an unattractive bit of public land and stick a few bulbs in the earth. 
A Springtime Surprise for the neighbours! 

Guerrilla Gardening is technically illegal in the UK as it could be seen as criminal damage to public property but in reality it is a lovely way to improve an environment.


  1. The mice ate all my stored tulips in the shed so I have had to buy everything from scratch - an expensive do - so I won't be sharing anything this year, but I do think guerilla gardening is a great idea especially in cities.

    1. Hi Elaine,
      I have an image of fat, happy mice lounging about a warm shed! I haven't had chance to plant the tulips yet - that's next week's job - but I did plant a few daffodils and no one complained!