Thursday, 18 October 2012

Apple Day

21st October 2012 is Apple Day

These are James Greaves apples - a nice desert apple if left to ripen until October.

We had a decent crop this year - no where near as many as last year though.  Still, there will be enough to fill apple pies at Christmas time.

We live quite close to Southwell in Nottinghamshire where a young girl named Mary Ann Brailsford planted an apple pip in 1809.  In 1846 the cottage, and the resulting apple tree, were sold to Matthew Bramley.  A few years later a neighbour, Henry  Merryweather, asked to have a cutting from the tree so he could produce and sell the fruit.  Matthew Bramley agreed as long as the apples bore his name.  By 1862 they were being sold locally and today it is the most important cooking apple in England and Wales.
I think they should be called Brailsfords!

The original tree is over two hundred years old and still produces fruit.

Have a Happy Apple Day.

Click here for Apple and Pork in Cider recipe 


  1. I have a James Greive apple tree but mine produce early in August/Sept - I usually have bucketloads - this year just a handful. They are wonderfully fragrant aren't they. I also have a Bramley that hardly ever produces - it will be getting the chop I think.

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