Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cley & Titchwell

We braved the rain and spent the day birding in Norfolk.  I expected to get totally soaked at some stage but we didn't.

A good day.  We saw over 80 species in all.  We watched the summer migrants arriving:

Swallows (50+)
Swifts (50+)
Sand Martins
House Martins
Whimbrel (11)


There was a field alive with the Greenland race of Northern Wheatears (50+).  We saw Sedge and
Reed Warblers but no Whitethroats.  What has
happened to the Whitethroats this year?  We
haven't seen any yet.  No sign of Cuckoos yet either.  They are getting closer though - people have been Tweeting when they have heard one!  The BTO are following four Cuckoos on route from Africa (it was five but Clement died on the way).  When you hear your first cuckoo this year you can donate to the BTO's project by texting CKOO12 £5 to 70070. 

We had a good view of a couple of Bearded Tits. I always love to see them.  A Spotted Redshank very obligingly wandered over to us; a Med Gull put in an appearance and four Spoonbills. 



Black-tailed Godwit


 I got a couple of photos of Spoonbills and Grey Heron but these shots (taken on sunny days) are better!!

Grey Heron

I have just been watching the LIVE webcam images of the Peregrine nest in the centre of Nottingham.  The rain is really taking its toll.  She looks totally fed up!

Photographs copyright of Andy Mason

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