Saturday, 21 April 2012

Rhubarb ...

  It appears to be Rhubarb season.  Marks and Spencer are advertising Rhubarb Tart and Lurpak are having a Rhubarb Week,  there is even a whole website devoted to it.

I planted a packet of Rhubarb seeds late last year and grew eight plants, gave a couple away and planted the rest.  They are doing okay but not well enough for me to bake anything yet.   The Patient Gardener's Rhubarb jam sounded delicious so I went to buy the ingredients.  I have always thought of rhubarb as a cheap fruit.  I am wrong.  It isn't a fruit - it's a vegetable- and at £5 per kg (Asda price) it seems quite expensive to me!  I didn't want to make jam that badly anyway!

We were surprised to see this Rook visit the feeders yesterday.  It was eating the sunflower seeds.  Bit difficult with a beak that size I would have thought.  They aren't usually garden birds!

But I don't count Pheasants as garden birds either!  This doesn't do him justice - he truely glows!

It has been a busy week.  The allotment has taken my time and the dream of a flower packed lane came a little closer as I cleared a few more weeds and planted some Oriental Poppies - they won't do much this year but I'm hoping to have years to appreciate them yet!

Here is a photo of my packed greenhouse - the poor cat is getting squashed out!

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