Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Nature's Air-fresheners

Not sure what this is.  I bought it as a very small shrub in a 1 lt pot about ten years ago ... it liked our garden and quickly established itself.  It has beautiful blossoms with a heavenly scent but they don't last long.  Unfortunately there are only a few blooms this year because I cut it back quite late last summer ... won't do that again!

Anyone any idea what it is?  I'd love to know.

The Oriental Cherry Blossom is out and the Lilac trees are covered in buds ... another heavenly smell.  I have been looking for a Mock Orange shrub.  We had one at a previous house and I loved sitting near it on a warm evening. I have looped Honeysuckle over the side door and placed pots of Hyacinth on the step.

We have Robins feeding young in the Holly tree and a couple of Long Tailed Tits are fighting a couple of Starlings for access to the fatballs.  No-one has moved into the titbox yet but it has had a couple of viewings this week.  The tadpoles are now jelly-free and I am sure I saw a Magpie fishing some out. I had a wonderful view of a Heron flying over the house as it left a neighbour's pond a little emptier of fish.  Yesterday the Pheasants gave me a wonderful photo opportunity ... he was standing in front of a bunch of red tulips which complemented his plummage to perfection.  I should have reached for my camera.  Unfortunately the female was busy digging up my newly planted seedlings!  I shooed them away instead!

The cat discovered a mysterous hole amongst the border plants.  She waited patiently for most of the day but the occupier didn't come out to play.  We think it is probably a vole but it is rather large!!


  1. hi Patricia, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Your shrub looks like Viburnum Carlesii to me, I have one and love it even if the flowers don't last long. Christina

  2. Thank you for this - you are absolutely right - I have just walked into a garden centre and there was a small version of my shrub.
    Although I have pottered about with plants for years I have recently taken it more seriously. If I can't get in my garden on a rainy day it is nice to visit blog gardens so I will be back to share yours no doubt!