Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pinch, Punch, End of the Month

We had an interval of sunshine yesterday but the grey clouds are back.  I know we need the rain but it is depressing! 
A pair of Robins have been working very hard over the last couple of weeks.  When they think we aren't looking they are flying into the ivy near the front door with full beaks.  I listened for them yesterday but there was silence.  I planted a few seedlings and he didn't appear to grab the grubs.  I was feeling abandoned but as I prepared to go for tea there he was singing in the holly tree.  I am glad he is okay but I don't think I will be seeing his chicks.  There was sad news from the Nottingham Peregrines this weekend too - two of their chicks have died.  Nature is brutal.
Here's my garden at the end of the month:

After spending almost every day of March in the garden I have spent lots of April at the new allotment.  Parts of the garden seemed overgrown yesterday.  Round the pond in particular.  There are masses of buds on the Aquilegia and the Honeysuckle.  The Poeny is ready to burst and the Oriental Poppies are spreading nicely so we should have a good show soon.  One surprise is a Golden Rod I bought for a pound at the side of the road in Norfolk last summer.  I only had five 'sticks' last year  but this year ,,, it's a good job I like Golden Rod!

The back of the garden is shaded by Oriental Cherry trees, Rowan and Lilacs.

The wind is blowing the pink blossom everywhere - amazed there is any left on the tree!  It will look lovely next to the Lilac trees next week.  They are underplanted with whitebells and bluebells and masses of Forget-me-nots.

Comma butterfly
 A Comma flew in for a visit.  It is pretty common these days but the population crashed at one time and in 1920 there were only two sightings.  It gets its name from this small white mark on its underwing:

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  1. Thanks for joining in the end of month meme. I like your primulas they are so jolly. Hope your robin babies will be OK

    1. Thanks for commenting. Still no sound from the Robin nest and the Peregrines lost another chick this morning. Sad news but it is early enough for another brood. The Primulas came from a cheap packet of seeds - definitely growing those again!

  2. Your garden looks so full and healthy. I, too, lost a female robin and therefore her eggs...so sad, but such is nature. I hope you are able to enjoy the ones that are left.

    1. Thank you. Love your bird boxes. We have four boxes round the garden but only one has ever been used.