Monday, 22 September 2014


I must love procrastinating .... I do it all the time!
No, I didn't build the Bug Hotel today!  I'll do it later! 
Today I decided to get rid of more grass. When I started working on the back of the garden I envisaged huge borders and some grass but as the changes have been made I now know I just want a path meandering through tall flowers so the grass has to go.  Last year we visited a stone merchants where I had seen a fish mosaic and I quite fancied that in the middle of a patio area on this square.  Off we went on a whim to buy the fish.
The place was locked up when we got there.  It had gone into liquidation. 
A guy told me to call at the house next door and I might get a bargain.  He didn't have to tell me twice. 
I didn't get the fish ... it had been sold ... but I did get 13 edging blocks for £30 (originally sold at £8.50 each!)
I've placed them along the front path to see what they will look like ... very pleased with them.
Then I got some normal edging blocks and six bags of white stone. 

Well it wasn't what I thought I would achieve today but I'm happy! 
Yes, I know it doesn't go in a straight line ... that's part of the charm of it ... really there was a great big root growing exactly where I needed to dig so I had to go round it!
I once saw a cartoon of a protest march where a woman was shouting, "WHAT DO WE WANT?" The answer was, "Procrastination!"
First woman, "WHEN DO WE WANT IT?"
Answer, "Tomorrow!"



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  2. There's always something else to do isn't there?

  3. Procrastination, I did not know the word so I had to use the translator, but I should say never mind, tomorrow there's another day. The edging blocks are really a great find, beautiful.