Sunday, 28 September 2014


We bought a bread making machine a few years ago and went mad buying lots of different flours ... like you do! The cupboard was eventually cleared out ... and all the out of date bags thrown away!
A more sensible approach was adopted and we now use the machine most weeks but the majority of our bread comes from the shops.

Well, yesterday I popped into the Oxfam Book Shop and browsed through The Complete Bread Machine Cookbook by Sonia Allison.  It became a must buy within a couple of minutes!  I wasn't bothered about the traditional recipes; I was captivated by the range of lovely sounding breads I could produce just by measuring a few things into the machine.  So today I am addicted to this Apple and Cinnamon Loaf made using the basic white bread recipe but with Apple juice instead of water (and 2 tsp of cinnamon obviously) ... how simple was that!  It is absolutely the best tasting loaf I have ever made in that machine.  By teatime we will be sampling a Walnut Loaf as I work my way through the rest of the recipes.


  1. Martyn uses our breadmaker two or three times a week 0 we very rarely buy bread, Apple and cinnamon sounds good

  2. I use our bread maker all the time, we only buy bread the odd occasion these days. I've made a cinnamon and sultana loaf before and that was scrummy.. I might have to give that Apple and Cinnamon loaf a try it's sounds lovely.