Friday, 19 September 2014

A Greenhouse Day

I started to bring the geraniums into the greenhouse, collect the seeds pods and take cuttings. I left those with flowers/buds outside and I didn't take any out of the baskets.  It's not that cold yet but there are a lot to bring in.  I didn't plant any in the borders this year so I won't be running round the garden late at night in my PJs because the weatherman has issued a warning. Annoyingly I didn't label a beautiful bright pink specimen whilst it was flowering; I was particularly keen to propagate that one.
The Garden Centre was selling large potted Geraniums for just £1 last week.  I have loads of the damn things but I couldn't resist at that price so I chose a couple with variegated leaves and lots of shoots so I now have ten small plants for my pound!


 I've been collecting seeds for weeks.  Delphiniums are one of my favourite flowers so I planted up 3 trays. There are still some seeds left for next Spring if these don't take.  Some will add to the garden borders but the rest are for the allotment cutting patch.  I grew a couple of trays last year so there are three groups in the garden already and the rest went to the neighbours.  I didn't have enough for vases.

Allotment Cutting Patch 2014
This year we grew Crocosmia (from free bulbs scavenged from the tip), Lavender (48 free plants from Garden's World), Aquilegia, Hollyhocks, Achillea and Lupins (all from seeds from the garden); Irises (from friends) and Peony Roses (from Mum's garden) so it didn't cost us anything.  We did spend quite a bit on the rose bed but I didn't begrudge it when I was picking fresh roses every week (and I've taken cuttings for growing in the garden!).

Heron's Bill

Erodium Pelargoniflorum or Heron's Bill was a cheap packet of seeds from Thompson & Morgan.  Apparently it makes excellent ground cover and smells nice.  I sowed it today so I'll let you know if it lives up to expectations. 

I also sowed some Rhubarb, Scabious, Astilbe, Verbena, Sweet Peas and Achillea from my garden seeds.  I threw some Aquilegia, Cornflowers, Calendula around the borders between rain showers then went back to the greenhouse to sow some Cantananche Caerulea Bicolour - another Thompson and Morgan packet.


Before I planted my Lilies in pots this year I pulled a few of the scales off and put them in a pot of moist compost wrapped in a black plastic bag.  My Carol Klein book said this was the way to grow more bulbs.  Well she was right ... as if I could have ever doubted her!!  I checked them today and I have lots of leaves showing.  They won't flower for a few years but it was thrilling anyway.

I planted a few seeds from my Amaryllis and they have sprouted too so today I decided to plant some Tulip seeds.  Why not? Its only the cost of a pot and a bit of earth.


My Carnation, Rose and Lavender cuttings have
all taken and I have potted on some Honeysuckle and Fuchsia.

Been a busy day! We were awake at 5 something watching the Scottish Referendum ... even the cat has put herself to bed early!


  1. The cutting patch of your allotment looks wonderful and the Delphiniums...... I love them they are my favourites too.