Thursday, 25 September 2014

Happily Tired!

Took all day to complete it but I'm very pleased with the result.  You now walk under the rose arch and the whole feel of the garden changes.  There's no grass just paths, borders and trellis ... oh, and the pond (which you can't actually see at the moment because of the massive water lilies).

This morning:




So now I can plan what to grow where .... that's the best bit!

The same area in  2012:

I know I'll sleep well tonight!


  1. Quite a change, a lot of work, but you can be proud, it´s beautiful.

  2. What a huge change, it looks great.
    Sweet dreams ☺

  3. What a transformation... looks lovely :o)

  4. I bet you feel really satisfied and deservedly s

  5. This looks so much more inviting than the original. I can see you have been working hard. Good job. I would love to stroll through your garden and look at all the lovely plants growing there.