Sunday, 15 June 2014

Bingham Town Fair and Open Gardens

 My PC gave up the ghost this week.  Bit of a disaster really because I NEVER back anything up so all my photos and all my passwords .... gone!! Luckily the computer shop man managed to read the hard drive and bail me out. Just need a new computer now!

It was Bingham Town Fair this week and the Garden Club asked for plants for the stall.  As you can see the members happily dug stuff up and handed it over.  Still I am surprised the stall was so full .... I drove down at 8.30am with my plants and immediately started filling my car boot with new ones.  I picked up a fuchsia, salvia, lambs ears, lily of the valley and a couple of ferns. When I called back at the end of the day to help clear up everything had been sold: a good day all round. 

Bingham became a market town 700 years ago so lots of people dressed the part:

We spent a lovely day with friends last weekend visiting ten open gardens in a nearby village.  Always a treat to wander round other folks' gardens on a warm sunny day.  These were LARGE gardens and LARGE properties with names like 'The Manor House' or '------ Hall': the stable blocks had been turned into cafes for the day - the cream teas were delicious!  I came away from there with a boot full of plants too!  Well, they were selling peony roses for £1 .... how could resist! 

One of the gardens was a magnet for bees.


  1. Ten gardens in just one day? I'm sorting all my backing up mow as my external drive is full!

  2. Nice post and pictures. Good luck with the computer, mines well out of date now it glitches each time the gas supply runs out.

  3. Sounds like a very successful day and plant stalls are usually a good way of picking up plants cheaply. There are loads of villages round here doing open gardens at the moment but I have been too busy in my own garden to be able to take advantage of them - oh well I am sure there will be plenty of other opportunities later on. It looks like the bees certainly like that flower - it's been a good year for bees in my garden too - which means I am doing something right at least.