Monday, 30 June 2014

End of Month View - June 2014

Time to cut back spent flowers and watch new colours take over.  The foxgloves and poppies are dropping their petals but I want the seeds for next year so the tall bare stems have to stay for a while ... well some of them.

The house smells of Sweetpeas as small posies sit on every surface.  I read about a woman who left bunches of flowers for strangers to pick up.  She labelled them with a tag saying 'Here's a free smile for you!'  Sounds like a nice thing to do but I think I will pass mine to my friends and neighbours first.

I spent the day rediscovering a path.  It went from this:
.... to this:
We visited Norwell Nursery yesterday (more on that later) and they had a glorious enclosed walk.  This one has the makings of something FAR better if I dig up all these odds and ends and copy the nursery's  planting scheme ... just need to buy fully grown rambling roses from somewhere to hide that fence.
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  1. I love the colour of that rose. Our sweet peas are really slow this year.

  2. Your garden is looking very pretty. Sadly my roses have all but gone over now and after the first flush the sweet peas seem to have gone on strike. Is that an Amaryllis - such a vibrant colour.

  3. Great job on that path clearing Patricia - and good luck with your plans on what you are going to do. Ramblers shouldn't take too long to cover the fence, should they?
    Nice vista through your arch - it's very welcoming.

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