Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Haring About

I was up early today because I had so much to do ..... finish painting the kitchen; plant my seeds; tidy the garden; the washing and some sewing ..... I went for a walk instead!  Oh the joys of retirement!!

We had seen twelve species of bird before leaving the lane - the usual garden birds. Once we were in the next field different ones showed up.  Yellow Hammers sat on top of hedges glowing like canaries in the morning sunshine.  They are declining in numbers apparently .... there seems to be a healthy population near here. 

We located  a couple of Gold Crests and a Green Woodpecker because they were calling so loudly. This time of year they are shouting, "Look at me!" to attract a mate so birding is that bit easier.

The Yellow Hammer call is really easy to remember - it sounds like ' A-little-bit-of-bread-with-no-cheeeeese'.   The Skylark call is easy to recognise too as it floats high above the field singing its head off. 

On the ground below it was a Grey Partridge.  Later in the afternoon two more Grey Partridges wandered into our field, upsetting the five resident Red-legged Partridges.

Red legged Partridge
On the way back home a Peregrine flew passed us and landed high on a pylon.  In towns they use high ledges as lookout posts: in the countryside it's worth checking out pylons.
Excellent photograph I know!! It was a long way off before the camera was used!

We walked for two and a half hours and saw 30 species. It was a lovely day so I decided to get the seeds planted ... first of all though I had to tidy up the greenhouse, didn't I?  It was beginning to get dark by the time I finished so today's job list will have to be tackled tomorrow .... AGAIN! 


  1. Oh I almost missed these lovely hares and the partridge..........

  2. Oh I almost missed these lovely hares and the partridge..........

  3. With the hares, peregrine and red-legged partridge, you could have taken these photos right in my backyard. Ah, but in England you have lovely grass...