Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Through my Window

The first one up every morning gives a 'nature report' of what they can see on the field outside.  Every day there are House Sparrows and Dunnocks in the hedge; most days there are Wood Pigeons or Magpies in the field but some days are special .....

Three Brown Hares turned up on Sunday apparently.  I was away in Yorkshire celebrating my mother's 93rd birthday so I only discovered them today.  There is no difference between the sexes so we have no idea if they are Jacks or Jills and capable of producing leverets but we will be watching.

 The party of three were quite settled until another one turned up.  The new comer stayed some distance away but kept getting chased off by the others.

Five male Pheasants decided to spend the day in the gardens but the Partridges were braver and stayed in the field.  That could have been a mistake as two buzzards looked down and thought, "Food!"  Luckily they were more interested in Hare for lunch but after a few minutes of circling they floated off in search of something slightly smaller.
These made me laugh .... "You can't see me, right?"
Then there were the Robins ... Love's Young Dream!
I have spent most of the day going back and forwards to see the hares so I noticed the Wren, the Kestrel, the Sparrow hawk and the Pied Wagtails through my bedroom window.  
Who needs Spring Watch?

Mum at 93 & her 3 year old great-grand son

I am fully aware I should be in the garden now ...LOADS to do! Hundreds of seeds to plant, tons of clearing up to do ...... I had aimed to fill the seed trays on 15th February but for some reason I started to paint the kitchen that day! I am now 10 days later than I planned but there's always tomorrow .... until there isn't!!


  1. Some lovely photos as usual. From what I can remember a boxing match usually involves a male and female hare as it is part if the courtship rituals,

  2. Stunning pictures of favourites of mine, hares and partridges. Nowadays we don't see many partridges here, it's always a moment of happiness when I see them. And the hare, it's about boxing time. I can imagine that you spent almost all day looking through the window seeing all this wildlife. You are so lucky to be able to see this all from your home.

  3. I am amazed at the colors on that pheasant - so stunning.