Sunday, 15 March 2015

GBBD: March 2015

Well, here we have all the usual suspects.  Only a few of the large daffodils have bloomed so far but the miniature ones are nodding away in the cold wind and bringing a smile to my face.

Now I am particularly pleased with the Primulas this year.  In 2013 I collected lots of seeds, threw them in a few pots and left them .... suddenly I had so many seedlings I had no idea where to put them!  They are all bulking up nicely now so I will have another dilemma in a couple of years when they will need dividing (dreaming of a full lane lined with primulas).  They really are a delightful plant ... I have a garden full but I BOUGHT another one this week .... it is a double called Amethyst Ice.  Hoping for more seeds!!

The front garden is dominated by the green Hellebores (I refuse to call them Stinking!).  They self seed all over the place so I have to keep an eye on them.  They have such a lovely flower .... I have used the larger ones as cut flowers and they lasted ever such a long time. 

Some of the Wallflowers are beginning to bloom too.  The fruit trees have small buds, the Japonica and Forsythia are thinking about appearing while the Snowdrops are bowing out. 

We have a Robin bringing nesting material into the holly tree and a Song Thrush singing away calling a mate.  Lots of bird activity as you would expect and frog spawn floating in the pond ... although strangely, I haven't seen or heard any frogs yet.
The greenhouse is filling up nicely. Trays of Asters, Delphiniums, Hollyhocks, Rudbeckia, Phlox, Dahlias and Aubretia on the go. I can't wait to plant the Sweet peas out. I have potatoes chitting and trays of cauliflowers, cabbages, peas and beans, beetroot and cucumber seeds planted. I say trays - I actually saved space and money this year by cutting up plastic milk bottles and punching drainage holes in the bottom.   
We visited the allotment this week - bit of hoeing, bit of digging (although I began to feel quite ill after half an hour ... so unfit!), bit of tidying up.  The Strawberries have spread out, the Raspberries have lots of buds and the cutting patch is coming along nicely.  I picked up a copy of Grow Your Own magazine this week: it is their 10th anniversary so they are giving away six packets of seeds (carrots, lettuce, basil, celeriac, kale, courgettes) on the front and offering 6 tomato plug plants, a pk of tomato feed and five packets of T&M herb/veg seeds for £5.65 postage .... and the magazine is pretty interesting too .... more than enough to keep me going for a week!
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  1. How pretty is that Hellebore in the last shot Patricia? Your primula pack a punch, as do those wall flowers. All looking great and a nice full greenhouse too boot! Happy Bloom Day!

  2. Primroses always seem to germinate best from seed freshly gathered. We have no frog spawn yet but the birds are busy i checking out our nest boxes

  3. It is so satisfying to have own sown primroses and your wallflower is so early. I have been looking in front of our house, but no they are not yet blooming against the north wall of our house.