Monday, 24 November 2014

Starling Murmuration

All over the country every Autumn and Winter Starlings flock in their thousands and perform superb acrobatic displays at dawn and dusk.  It is called a murmuration and it is really incredible to watch.
The light was great; the sky was pink and golden as the sun was setting over the empty lagoon. 
We were surrounded by the sounds of geese and starlings gathering for the evening roost.  Every available spot on the pylon was taken but flocks continued to arrive. 
There have been flocks of seven or eight thousands recently.  The display began with a few hundred and grew as more birds joined the dance. The flock became a living creature moving as one being across the sky then suddenly dividing and meeting up again, rolling and diving, changing colour as they changed direction, seeming to disappear altogether at one point.  Breath taking!
Perfect evening's viewing!
The Starlings settled in to roost and the swans and geese arrived with the darkness. 

 The noise was deafening as they greeted one another and the empty lagoon was filled.

Andy took this one .... I'm sure you can see the difference! 
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  1. Lovely sunsets. I've always wanted to watch a murmuration but the nearest I've got is a mur,