Sunday, 23 November 2014

Christmas Decorations for the Garden

I was reading Landscape magazine and saw a simple idea for making a tree decoration using twigs and string.  We have a bare fence running up the side of the drive to the garage and I immediately thought this would look great.  I can't show you the magazine but I found these photos to give you the general idea.  We have some long branches to be cut up for fire wood that I could use; I have dried poppy seed heads and dried honesty for decorations; there's colourful berries in the garden and teasels on the lane so plenty of stuff to use .... and if it turns out looking as brilliant as my attempted willow obelisk I can always pull it down again!!

While I was looking for these I came across a few more ideas for a festive garden:

Follow this link to see how to make a Mistletoe (or Kissing) Ball:
Click here to make a pine cone wreath:

Or make your own version of this by using your garden canes:
My garden won't be full of lights and plastic Santas but I hope it will be oozing Christmas spirit. 
Andy was asked to take photographs at a flash mob event yesterday so I went along too.  It was in the middle of a busy Tesco.  People with shopping trollies suddenly started singing along to the piped music - it was Nottingham Sinfonia Chorale  and they sounded heavenly (follow the link to listen).  It was really good to be "in the know" ... I could enjoy the singing and watch the reaction of normal shoppers. 


  1. You have found some great ideas there - all of which I am going to copy of course. That is if I ever get round to actually planning Christmas - just can't seem to get my head round it at the moment.

  2. Did you make already all these wonderful Christmas decorations? I love the idea of using things found in the garden, especially the 'tree' of canes is interesting, I have plenty of these canes in the shed. But we only start here with decorating after the 5th of December. I think early enough.