Saturday, 22 November 2014


Our name is on the deeds but ......
Spotted this little hog scurrying across the lawn and disappearing into the Crocosmia leaves.  I was so pleased to see her. She stood very still when we approached, hiding in full sight!  I put a trail of cat food towards the hedgehog box ... hopefully she will move in.  It is still very mild though so I don't think she will be hibernating yet.  It is such a small hog it will need a few more weeks of good food to survive a harsh winter.  Good supply of cat food at the ready .... hope the cat doesn't mind!

The sparrows have gathered into a large flock of about 40 in the hedge. They roost in the ivy growing up the house on the wall near the warm chimney.  There is a steady supply of food in the garden and on the lane.   They sound really cheerful as they squabble over access to the fat ball nets.  They can be quite vicious at times.

We can't keep up with the demand for fat balls. At 10p - 15p each it gets expensive when you hang out 6 or 7 at a time but the view from the window makes it worth it. We could make our own fat balls using seeds and kitchen scraps in melted lard but it doesn't work out that much cheaper and they tend to fall apart more quickly.  The nets are positioned so that the birds are not in full view of the sparrowhawk or kestrel that patrol the field.  That sounds a bit mean towards the predators but we know they are clever enough to survive without our assistance.


  1. You say that the hedgehog is small. If it is under 600g its chance of surviving hibernation isn't good and it being out in daylight isn't a good sign, Usually hedgehogs seem during the day have a problem. If you see it again and can catch it and weigh it, If it isn't the magical 600g it really needs to go to an animal rescue where they will keep it awake and build it up.

    We had to do a similar thing a few years agoi that involved about a 60 mile round trip as we couldn't find anywhere local to take our little hog in.

  2. Thanks Sue. I will keep an eye open for it and catch it if I can. Something has definitely moved the leaves in the hogbox but I don't want to disturb it if it is inside so I will just keep putting the food out hoping to entice it out.

  3. We don't get hedgehogs round here as it is badger country unfortunately - if you visit Snowbird at Wildlife and Gardens she knows everything there is to know about hogs as she works at a rescue and on her blog this week she has posted some delightful photos of her feeding an underweight hog with a syringe and it actually seems to be smiling.

  4. Lovely post and wonderful pictures. Lucky you seeing a hedgehog, it's been years since I last saw one. Snowbird is away all week so if you need any urgent advice contact the British Hedgehog Preservation Society -
    I rarely see sparrows either which is a shame as they are lovely little birds. Flighty xx