Thursday, 27 June 2013

Rain Stops Play

Almost completed the pond makeover when the heavens opened so I didn't have time to sweep up or top up the water levels.  Did get time to photograph the delightful edging I bought today though!

Obviously it will look better minus the soil but you get the idea.  I went to buy some wood and these were on offer as the pallet had broken.  Instead of £8.50 each he let me have them for £5.  He must have been in a good mood because I asked for a price on this paving slab .....

and he said, "Fourteen pound fifty plus VAT .... Oh, I'll let you have it for ten quid."

Haven't worked out where to put it yet but I think it's lovely!


  1. Patricia, I don't think I've ever seen edging like that, it's lovely and looks really good where you have it.
    You should make a statement with that paving slab, it is far too nice to walk on!

  2. gorgeous edging & the slab is amazing!

  3. Oh yes, I really like both selections--dirt and all! Great finds!