Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A BIG Thank You to Andy!

My sisters and I are taking mum on holiday to Scotland tomorrow.  She was born in Greenock and left at the age of 25 when she married Dad.  She is 91 now.  There's a 1932 photo of her standing outside a large house: my younger sister went on Google Earth and the house is still standing looking exactly the same.  So we are off down memory lane for a few days.

In the meantime Andy will be left at home with a pile of wood which will miraculously transform into seven raised beds for my allotment.  He'll deserve something better than a stick of rock when I get back.
He has already made a MASSIVE difference to the place.  Here's what it looked like on Saturday:

AWFUL!!  To make matters worse the new neighbours plot looks like this:

So challenge was on!  I spent all day Sunday there and reclaimed ..... one bed!
Monday morning Andy turned up with the lawn mower and muscles and reclaimed the whole thing!

So a BIG thank you to Andy!!
Obviously I still have some digging to do!
Once he has put the new raised beds down I'm going to grown biennials this year instead of lots of veg.  I think there's still time to plant a few spring onions, carrots and beetroot.

In the meantime does anyone know any good recipes for clover ??


  1. Yay to Andy! And yay to you for taking your mum to her childhood home! I'm excited to hear more about both after you get back!

  2. Men - they have their uses.

    Well done Andy.

  3. So Andy did already a great job, your allotment soon will be fine. Nice to take your mum on a memory tour, have fun together.

  4. Patricia,
    I'm here over Janneke. I love your blog and think your allotment will be better than neighbor's one.

  5. Quite a transformation. We all need an Andy or two.

  6. Hello I've just found your blog and am now a follower.

    You have some lovely photos on here and your garden is very pretty.
    Bye for now
    Julie :o)

  7. Love your new header - I wish I could grow lupins but the slugs and snails always make short work of them. Well done Andy for tackling the allotment - it just shows how quickly nature reclaims what is hers. Have a lovely break with your Mum and sisters.