Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bennison Peonies

Bennison Peonies is a small nursery specialising in Peony Roses.  They are open this weekend to allow visitors to wander round their planting area and cutting garden.  There are flowers for sale but the peonies are sold as bare roots so you can place an order now to be delivered September/October time.

I liked all of them but this one was definitely my favourite ... Court Jester ... £50 a plant ... I have a knack for picking the expensive one!

The others were £10. £15 or £20 but the expensive ones were the Itoh hybrids - produced by crossing an herbaceous peony with a tree peony.

You can see the collection by visiting on line if you can't get there in person.


  1. My goodness a peony for 50 pounds! The Court Jester definitely is a special one with these colours but I think too expensive. May be over the years the price goes down when nurseries have grown them in quantities. That's the way they do in Holland, here are many commercial nurseries. The charme of England is, that there is a great variety of plants, which are not grown only for commercial purposes.

  2. Although the colours are wonderful I've always admired the robust rich dark grren stems and leaves of this particular plant.