Friday, 4 January 2013

Virtual Gardening

I was looking for free gardening apps for my phone.  I don't know why ... I hardly ever use apps!  Anyway, in the process I came across an app called My Garden.  The blurb described it as "a mobile version of the excellent My Garden social networking site."

I'd never heard of the My Garden social networking site.

Well, I had a look.  It's free to join and there are over 4000 members at the present time.  It began in 2011 with the intention of helping gardeners share advice.  From the site you can link to the other members; make your own To Do calender (list the plants you already grow and the calender shows you what's blooming each month in your garden and tells you when to prune it ... I quite liked that!); send messages; create a wishlist and ask for exchanges.  For a small fee you can get additional features including the ability to add a link to your blog so possibly increasing your readership. It is still being developed but I think it will be successful in the same way Ravelry has worked for the knitting online community.

  Of course the RHS online community, also called My Garden,  links you to other gardeners and offers advice too. I envisage a sort of class war in the offing ... rather like Facebook followers v Twitter!


Do you know about the Marks & Spencer Christmas card recycling scheme?  They have special bins in store all month and for every 1000 cards collected M&S will plant a tree with the Woodland Trust.

We have a good weather forecast for our area tomorrow so I plan to do some REAL gardening for a change!


  1. The US equivalent is GardenWeb, which offers advice from other gardeners. I'm not sure if this app works in the UK, but it helps you select the plants that are attractive to pollinators native to your area.

  2. Thank for the information on recycling cards I always wonder what to do with them.

  3. I am trying not to join any more sites as I have more than I can handle all ready, thanks for the info though. p.s. I have done a bird post over at one of my other blogs - check it out at - sorry, that sounded a bit bossy, not intentional. haha