Saturday, 12 January 2013


A fews weeks ago Shirl at Shirl's Gardenwatch suggested peanut butter as a treat for the birds.  Well, today we gave it a try.  We smeared it on the tree bark; we left small piles on top of the rose arch and we put some inside a bird feeder.

It didn't last long!

The garden was full of hungry birds.  This blackbird was so keen to get his share of the treat he attempted to hover at the feeder.  Blackbirds don't hover! He took to flying by and grabbing a beakful.  Thanks Shirl, it was a very good suggestion.


  1. O yes, birds love peanutbutter. Last year we started to give them this treat. Now we have a pot with peanutbutter on the verandah, which is empty within the shortest time.

  2. Blackbirds had starring roles on blogs this weekend as I was photographing them too - ours love sunflower hearts and buggy nibbles.

  3. Hi,
    I didn't realise birds liked sweet things - and they won't suffer from tooth decay!
    Andy took the photos - one of his pictures was published in the Sunday Express this week! You can see more on his blog: -