Thursday, 10 January 2013

Stuck in a Rut!

Inspired by Rooko and Garden 65 I eventually ventured out to the allotment yesterday.  I planned to stay a couple of hours. It was a lovely crisp day ... perfect for digging a bed or two. 

As we slowly drove through the gates I said, "I don't think this is a good idea.  It's very muddy and we might get stuck."
"You're right," he replied as the car moved side ways.  "Best reverse and leave it on the track."
Mud began to fly as the wheels started to spin.  We pushed and shoved, we put straw and carpet bits under the wheels, we cursed our stupidity but we were well and truly stuck.
At the nearby stable we met Trevor.  He didn't have a 4x4 but he did have a large rope (and a heart problem for which he'd had a by-pass and 9 stents fitted but he'd changed his diet and leant to take things a bit easier ....!).  Lovely man who went out of his way to help.  Then the pig farmer drove by ... Trevor's neighbour ... so he stopped to help which was useful because he was driving a 4x4!  As we were slowly being pulled out two more men stopped to make sure we were okay.  People can be so nice.  Wouldn't the world be a marvelous place if we all acted with thought and consideration like this all the time?

Well, Andy took the car to be washed and I stayed to do a bit of the digging.  I didn't want to leave when he came back for me.  This always happens ... the idea of going there doesn't really appeal but once I am there I love it! 

I picked some leeks and onions and went home to make Leek and Potato Soup.  I thought about consulting the Sarah Raven Cook Book but decided to just chuck everything in a pan then add some chicken stock and a few herbs. Delicious! 
Recipe here.

Last night I won first prize in a raffle - a bottle of wine - but I don't drink.  People always look amazed when I say that ... I must look like a drinker!  I tried one of those alcopop things a few years ago and fell out of the car when he got me home!  The last time I was properly drunk was February 1975 ... the night I met my husband!  Anyway, I digress.  I asked for the second prize instead - this lovely Spring basket. Much better.  It was the only reason I entered the raffle.


  1. Been stuck like that before - you can always have a good laugh afterwards :))
    Your little basket is lovely - I'd have that over a bottle of wine too! Don't drink now either, can't stand the hangovers :)

  2. I agree with Angie - I would definitely have chosen the spring basket as I don't drink either. People can be nice when you least expect it - it kind of gives you hope for the world.

  3. I'm envious - weather is now better but it is still too wet to dig - am having to content myself with pruning at the moment.
    You sound like my kids - don't want to go, don't want to come home. I get round that by going while they are at school but hate having to watch the time so I'm not late for the school run. Often turn up at the school gate covered in sludge with mud smeared across my forehead. Not exactly a yummy mummy....

  4. Glad to hear you got "unstuck". When its cold, wet and muddy, just remember all those people stuck inside nice warm work places doing jobs they "have" to do not what they want to do. I've been up to my welly tops in mud all week, car needs washing, mud everywhere, but I heard its good for the complexion. Anyway got another 30' by 10' bed dug over. Another row of Cabbages planted out in the rain this afternoon.

  5. Don't blame me!!

    Actually I have found mud is a major drawback of this allotment lark. It gets everywhere.

  6. Glad to hear folks were so nice to you. Getting stuck away from home can be frustrating and a bit scary. What a pretty spring basket--although the other basket sounds nice, too.