Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Fruit and Veg

Our side of the allotment is weeded and the veg beds dug over waiting for us to get planting. The onions and potatoes will be in tomorrow. Then I can sow the carrot, radish and beetroot seeds.

I have planted cabbage, cauliflower, celery, tomatoes, peas and beans in the greenhouse but only the peas are showing signs of life.  There are small green specks appearing in the guttering I strung up under the greenhouse shelf so we should have home grown lettuce leaves soon if nothing else.

The strawberries are loving the warm greenhouse .... they are looking much happier than the ones at the allotment.  I was very pleased to see new leaves appearing on the raspberry cane cuttings from last year. I plan to grow these on the lane.  The raspberries and gooseberries at the allotment are also coming into leaf.  The rhubarb is coming through.  I put a pot over it last year to force it but I left it this year.  One of the plants bolted last year and I collected seeds which have now grown into seedlings.

I have moved some of the flower plants back to the house to go in the garden or on the lane.

Andy spent a few minutes photographing the flowers while we were up there:



  1. These flower photos are stunning!!!! Veg beds ready for sowing and planting, the fun work can begin.
    Happy Easter.

  2. I love the bee photograph. We need to get round to planting out our strawberries let's just hope the wind stays down and we can do it soon