Saturday, 18 April 2015


With the weather being so kind I have spent hours in the garden.  I tidied up the front garden and moved a couple of plants - a clump of grass from the back of a border which is now next to the small pond and a Thalictrum which surprised me after I planted it in the front of a border by growing to be four feet tall. 

I moved a couple of stone pots from the front door to sit beside the rose arch then dug up the turf in front of the two small walls.  I'm picturing Aubrietia or London Pride growing over the walls and Livingston Daisies smothering the ground. 

This little friend and his partner have followed me every where, even into the greenhouse.  They are so confident .... just about taking bugs from my trowel.  He is constantly busy finding food or shouting abuse at my cat from dawn until dusk.


The greenhouse is full of seedlings and geraniums waiting to get outside next month.  I had a bit of a disaster with some of the vegetable seeds though. I was given a bag of compost.  It looked very dark and dry but I used it anyway.  Mistake! None of the cabbages or cauliflowers I sowed in it have germinated; the tomato, cucumber and onion  trays remain devoid of life only a few lettuce leaves have actually survived.  I had to throw everything away and start again so the allotment planting will be a few weeks behind.  The potatoes are in and an onion set, beetroot, peas and runner beans, carrots, spring onions and radishes are in the ground.


  1. It was a great week for the garden, here too. Such a shame to had to start sowing your veggies for the allotment again, but I think when once growing they will catch up. So nice that robin following you in the garden. They are quite domesticated, I often have one around me in the garden.

  2. The area around the rose arch looks lovely,

  3. Your garden is very colourful right now - a credit to all you effort.

  4. Your garden is looking darling the Primroses are so "fairy like"! Looks lovely!

  5. Love the flowers and the daring little robin! I'm in love with UK's robin....wish we had them here in the USA!