Friday, 9 January 2015


We have been out enjoying the winter sunshine at Rufford and Clumber Parks.  There have been reports of Hawfinches but we didn't catch up with them ... lots of beautiful Gold-crests; Jays; Tree-creepers and Nuthatches though so I'm not complaining!

In the garden the Snowdrops have arrived and the Primulas and Cyclamens continue to add some colour but I was delighted to find a pink Helebore Ellen (purchased from Hayloft Plants) this morning.  On closer inspection I found quite a few buds and blooms out enjoying the winter sunshine with us .... and a couple of aphids!




  1. We like Clumber Park. Were the goldcrests, tree creepers and jays there and if so whereabouts?

    1. Yes we saw all three at Clumber - look in the trees near the church for the Gold crests. They are very small and never sit still so look for movement amongst the leaves first. We then walk along the path towards a large fallen tree trunk - always lots of bluetits round there and the nuthatchs. A bit further along there are three or four cypress trees where we saw the treecreepers and the jay was there too but the jay can be found anywhere ... Listen for the call. Have you seen the mandrin ducks from the bridge? Lovely place.

  2. So cheerful to see already flowers in your garden. Here fat buds, but no flowers yet, except the Hamamelis.