Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Today should have been busy.  My sister had planned to visit, with my mother and my niece and her two children.  My morning would have been full of hoovering (!) floors and bleaching bathrooms before dashing to the shops to replenish the biscuits.  I can be SUCH a great housewife when guests are due!

Unfortunately the wintery weather changed the plans.  My mum is 92 and hasn't been well so a trip out this week wasn't a great idea. We have postponed not cancelled.

I lit the fire and settled in to browse the internet, read, knit and watch the birds.



  1. This morning I heard a woodpecker drumming, the first time this winter, they are great birds to have around. It sounds like you made the best of your rearranged day.. my favourite sort of lazing!

  2. Where are these hovering floors? I need to be aware so that I can stay in other rooms!

    1. You need to read my new book 'Learning to Levitate' by Dr Hugh L Fall .... Or Chapter 3 in 'Dyson with Death' ....

  3. Lovely little wren, it's one bird on my photography hit list

  4. I love quiet days like those. I had one today and treasured it. Much more fun than bleaching bathrooms. :o)

  5. Beautiful photos. Like you, I can be quite the domestic goddess when we have visitors. That is what guests are for. If we didn't have them, imagine the mess we would live in!

  6. Hello there Patricia :-) I have managed to capture the wren in video and photos so its the partridge I'm envious of - what a lovely group to be watching.

    Sorry to hear your family plans had to cancelled due to weather that's often the way up here but this year we were lucky. Wishing you best wishes for 2015 :-D