Thursday, 15 May 2014

GBBD May 2014

The borders have lapped up the sunshine and rain.  Everything seems to be blossoming at once.  Unfortunately the greenfly are having a feast!

Aquilegia .... my favourite flower.  The white ones stand out but the variety never ceases to amaze me! Pink/ dark purple/ pale blue/ yellow or combinations of the above.  Helen The Patient Gardener has highlighted her aquilegia too this week.

These osteospermums were my best garden buy.  One small pot spread over the years until I have five large clumps in different parts of the garden: friends and family have shared the bounty too.  
They flower all summer.

My award for the best packet of seeds goes to .....

Verbascum from Thompson & Morgan two years ago.  Again I have beautiful pink/ purple/ cream spikes dotted around the place and new ones appearing through the borders.  
The bees love them.

This seems to be a GREAT year for my honeysuckle - I will reclaim about two feet of garden when I prune it back this year!  It has gone completely mad which means lots of cuttings.

Did I just say the Aquilegia was my favourite flower?  How could I forget the peony ... my favourite flower!
The peony tree cutting the nice National Trust lady gave me a couple of years ago has successfully produced two pink flowers which are just turning to seed pods.  The seeds need two cold winters to germinate as they produce roots in the first year then shoots in year two so I will have to be patient.
I have devoted half a bed at the allotment to peony plants - I have ten small specimens this year only one of which is showing signs of flowering but who knows, next year I might be filling vases with them!

Visitors are welcome to admire the blooms but ignore the weeds!

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  1. This is wonderful. I adore forget me nots and the columbine is our state flower. We had snow on Sunday so we are behind everyone but I think it is on the way to warmer weather! Can't wait for my garden too!

  2. Your borders are looking quite wonderful - I am guessing the Oesteospurmum is a hardy variety - I love their stunning colours. I planted Verbascum this year, they are only tiny but a flower shoot is appearing I am hoping they will spread. The garden at this time of year is my favourite - but then I think of all the roses waiting to bloom - let's just say every time of the year is my favourite. Won't our gardens look bare once the forget-me-nots have been pulled up they just fill all the gaps beautifully.

  3. Just how much colour can one garden have Patricia! You've a whole rainbow going on there!
    Glad you garden has enjoyed the rain, something we've lacked up here this year and I find some of the plants are suffering because of it.
    I love Verbascum but sadly, they don't like my garden. Saw a beauty at the GC today and had to pass it by.