Saturday, 15 September 2012

GBBD September 2012

The dahlias are just starting to make an appearance.  I grew some last year for the first time because my mother gave me a few tubers.  I have memories of my step-father loving tending them; feeding them; staking them; digging them up in Autumn and wrapping them in newspaper to overwinter in the airing cupboard!  It seemed like a mammoth task to me! Well, I didn't do any of those things - I dug a hole, bunged them in then enjoyed the blooms.

Mum gave me some Gladioli bulbs too:

The plums are falling all over the lawn faster than I can make the jam so the butterflies are feasting on fruit. So many flew in this morning we were tripping up over them!  We had two Commas and six Red Admirals sunning themselves next to the pond.

Some of the Sunflowers are reaching stupid heights.  I've grown masses of them at the allotment to dry out for wild bird seed.

I planted lots of Hollyhock seeds last year.  Rust has been a problem so a number of them have had to be pulled up but some light pink ones and this dark one survived:

The rose arch is doing well.  We planted two red roses (Jazz) on the house side and Honeysuckle at the back.  The roses are enjoying their second bloom.  I met Ann Bird (ex President of the Royal National Rose Society) this week.  I don't think she would be very impressed with my black spot!

Then there are the Marigolds .....

..... and I still have my Pineapple Lilies and my Red Blob which turned out to be Scabious:

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  1. Your dahlias are simply lovely! The digging up is not fun, but so rewarding to pull them out in late Winter when you want so much to be gardening!

  2. Beautiful! Your sunflowers and dahlias are exquisite! The colors are mesmerizing. I even like sunflowers when they fade and feed the birds.

  3. That's a lovely wacky dahlia. I'm impressed with your gladioli too as none of mine have even produced a single flower this year - I guess they prob need more sun that my garden gets. I've had pineapple lilies and black scabious too in the past, but sadly no longer (good excuse to buy some more at some point though!).