Sunday, 9 September 2012

Fruit Trees

 Last Christmas I was obviously missing my garden and needed a quick fix!  I cracked a few nuts and planted the kernels!  I then forgot all about them. 

Yesterday I was delighted to find this glossy leaved little plant was in fact a Walnut tree!

Apparently I won't be able to plant it in the garden because the roots secrete a chemical into the soil to prevent other plants from growing near them so I now need a very large pot.  Alternatively I know a nice bit of my allotment that needs clearing!!

All kinds of claims have been made about the humble walnut ... it can reduce the risk of cancer; aged rats fed a diet of 2% to 6% walnuts showed signs of reversal of age related cognitive and motor function and it helps reduce the build up of fats when eaten with meals high in saturated fats.  Definitely going to buy more walnuts now I know all that!

Last summer a friend gave me a recipe for a Lemon Drizzle Cake.  I don't cook.  I don't like cooking but this cake was worth the trouble!  When I cut open the lemons all the pips popped out and I threw them into a plant pot on the kitchen windowsill. 

A couple of weeks later I was rewarded with 20 tiny shoots. 

Success went to my head and I planted a load of orange pips. 

Have you seen the price of a full grown citrus tree?  They go for around £30.  Mine are growing nicely now.  I don't need, or want, 40 lemon or orange trees but they will make nice gifts in a few years time.

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  1. How wonderful! My mouth is watering just thinking about those lovely citrus fruits!