Wednesday, 20 June 2012

High Points

I have been away from the garden for a while ... big mistake!  The tall plants have taken over.

The Oriental Poppies are falling about the place now but they are still adding colour; Red Hot Pokers and Foxgloves are dominating the view from the kitchen window.  I think I will be digging up the Foxgloves this year ... they are an attractive plant but I  think of them as weeds for some reason! They will have to go!
Another plant to dig out is the Verbascum.  I really must read the plant descriptions more carefully!  The tiny seedlings I planted in March have grown into monsters!  Huge silvery leaves have covered the soil and massive spikes have appeared.  Two clumps near the pond look okay but the ones in the middle of the borders are doomed!
The Delphiniums have done well.  They were grown from seeds last year.  I really like the blue ones but there are more flowers on the white and pink variety. 

 I am really taken with Irises at the moment.  I planted five tubers this spring and this one is the first to flower:
The others have sprouted leaves but no sign of buds yet.  After visiting the Doddington Hall Iris Garden I want to increase my collection so a visit to Seagate Irises in Lincolnshire is probably on the cards.
I am particularly pleased with the Lupins ... although the aphids have decided they are rather nice too!

I spent ages collecting Lupin seeds last year so I now have masses of small plants to give to friends or plant up the lane.
The large Frilly Poppies are opening this week too.  The dried seed heads are lovely. 

 The Hollyhocks have survived the rust attacks but there is only one purple flower so far. 
The climbing Roses smell beautiful.

I have lots of pottering and pruning to do over the next few weeks in order to catch up.

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