Saturday, 30 June 2012

Flaming June!

I attacked the large Laurel a few days ago.  It sprawled a bit when we bought the place and its dark interior made a great den for the kids.  They enjoyed jumping about on one thick springy branch until one day it snapped. Over the years it rooted itself and grew into a separate shrub. It was taking over ...well, this week I reclaimed my garden.
Today it was the Lilac's turn.  It had to go because it had gradually fallen over.  Last year I had to saw off a few feet as it was leaning right over a path.  The weight of the flowers this year was too much for the weaken roots.  So I now have two bare patches.  Lovely!  They both look unattractive at the moment but that's part of the fun.  Do I want to fill them with plants?  Reorganise our seating arrangements?  Change the direction of a path?  I haven't decided yet. 

 One of the climbing roses has reached the top of the rose arch but the other side got less sun.  It was the Lilac blocking the light so that was another reason for chopping it down.

The best bloom in the garden right now is this pink peony.  There are nine or ten flowers growing next to blue cornflowers and white and pink foxgloves.  A cheerful, pretty border.

The Oriental Poppies have finished but the large frilly poppies have taken over.  It's such a shame they drop their petals so quickly. 

April to June has been the wettest second year quarter since records began.  This Thursday was a memorable day ... I went paddling down the lane in my wellies there was SO much water.  Other people couldn't enjoy it like I did as they got flooded out.

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  1. There is a special pleasure to be had from chopping down a failing shrub and revealing a new planting space. Hours of enjoyment follow while you plan what to do.
    Your last picture sums up the last three months quite nicely :-)

    1. Yes, I am quite sick of this rain now though ... couldn't get near the garden to do anything today again. Did some internet plant shopping instead. Taken a real fancy for irises at the moment.