Thursday, 29 March 2012

Invisible Birdwatching! (Sorry no photos!)

Andy went for a walk across the fields yesterday.  He had just left when a small bird caught my eye ... some sort of flycatcher ... pale with a small straight bill.  I kept an eye on it whilst I ran down the garden to call Andy back.  He couldn't hear me.  The bird flew into the tree directly above my head and stayed there. I ran after Andy and yelled at him to come back.  It only took us a couple of minutes to return but the bird had gone.  I was really upset .... was it a very early flycatcher .... or a Chiffchaff?! .... I will never know!

A few hours later I heard a very distinctive pig-like noise and looked up to see two Common Buzzards being mobbed by three very large black birds (one was definitely bigger than the Buzzards) ... RAVENS! Again I yelled "Andy!"  He was in the house ... I ran to the door shouting for him while I watched the birds ... no answer.  I yelled at the windows ...he wasn't in the study or the lounge ... I had to go inside before I found him in the kitchen.  I yelled again from the doorway .... the birds were still there ... but he was listening to his i-pod and couldn't hear me!  By the time I got him outside the Buzzards were still in sight but the Ravens had gone.

The Greater Spotted Woodpecker returned today.  It looked lovely as it sat amongst the blossoms in the plum tree.  Andy was standing in the garden.
"Woodpecker," I said.
"What?" he asked.
"Woodpecker!" I repeated a little louder and scared the bird!  It had gone when he turned round!

He thinks I have discovered a new hobby ... Invisible Birdwatching.  Tomorrow I think I will see a Bee-eater ....   

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